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Social Equity, Social Economics, Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise

Cannas Capital Holdings is the Parent Company for all Cannas Capital Subsidies.

“Our purpose is to build corporations that reflect our mission to bridge the wealth gap via four pillars: Social Equity, Social Economics,Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise.”

Cannas Capital HoldingsCannas Insurance Firm

Nurturing Black banks. Growing Black wealth.

Black enterprise means a legal entity with fifty point one percent (50.1%) or more of its equity owned by Black People and participation in its board of directors controlled by Black People.

We are in a financial revolution, where information and opportunity are readily accessible. This is the decade of the millionaire entrepreneur. More Black owned businesses are looking to structure their companies to become publicly traded in the near future. Many minorities have barked in the real estate industry and found property ownership to be extremely lucrative. Also with the legalization of Commercial Cannabis although there have been many hurdles there has still been opportunities to gain wealth.